5 New Furniture Design Secrets for Customizing Your Own Modern Furniture

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, you may be feeling the need to spruce up your home. Redecorating a few rooms in your home may sound like it will be a lot of work.

If you’ve ever redone the interior decor throughout your home, you know it makes a positive impact. Not only can redecorating improve the functionality of a room, but it can also improve the feel. What was once a messy, crowded space is now a clean, relaxing room that makes you feel calm, happy, and relieved.

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to redecorate a room without making it a whole ordeal. In many cases, you don’t need to redo the flooring or repaint the walls.

You can refresh a room simply by updating furniture or rearranging your existing furniture. This includes rearranging or updating everything from sofas and tables to bookshelves and wall art.

Are you interested in updating your home? Here are 5 new furniture design secrets to help you customize your modern furniture.

1. Find Your Favorite New Furniture Design

Before you start rearranging existing furniture or buying new, you need to find your style. Start by researching trending interior design styles and taking note of what you like and what you dislike. This will help you narrow down your tastes to a specific style.

You also will want to include colors, patterns, and designs that make you happy. This could be as simple as including your favorite colors and the artwork you like.

If you’re still on the fence with a few different interior design styles, try making a list of what you don’t like. This list can include colors, furniture, or art that reminds you of something unpleasant or designs you simply don’t like. Some people find working from a list of what they don’t like easier to narrow down their design tastes.

Once you have that style in mind, stick with it. This will prevent some pieces from sticking out or interrupting the style.

2. Design Furniture Around Your Space

The most important secret of new furniture design is to work with the space you have. You will want to choose furniture and decor that will fit your space.

Also, think about how you plan to use the room. Is this a space for relaxing and entertainment? Or are you redecorating a space for a home office?

For example, if you have a smaller living room, avoid using large sectionals or oversized end tables. Larger furniture like this will crowd the space and make it feel smaller and uncomfortable.

Larger rooms offer you the opportunity to break the room into different areas of activity. One area could be for entertainment and television while another area in the same room could be seating for conversation or reading.

It’s okay to take your time when decorating a room, especially if you’re uncertain how or where to start. As long as you consider how you plan to use the space and choose furniture that fits the space, you’re sure to create a comfortable and refreshing room.

3. Metal & Mid-Century Inspired Furniture Design

Metal and Mid-Century inspired furniture offer a sleek, modern, and sophisticated look to a room. Most chairs, couches, and ottomans boast bold colors that can brighten or add contrast to a room.

If you decide to pursue a Mid-Century new furniture design, look for pieces with the personality of that era. Pieces with fun patterns and touchable texture will liven up your space. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, custom made furniture is worth checking out.

Metal furniture comes in a variety of colors and styles. If you want to pair with Mid-Century modern, look for pieces such as shelves that are sleek and have a lot of straight lines and high angles. Brass and gold colors will mix well while adding a little appeal to the room.

4. Black Makes a Great Accent

Are you searching for a style that’s less bright and more sophisticated? While some believe black will make a space look small and dark, it can do the opposite when used as an accent. If you like black, you’ll be happy to learn it can make a room appear larger and sleeker.

To accomplish this, you need to use the black color sparingly and as a receding color. For example, a light wood-colored table with black legs will work well to open a space. The same goes for a chair with black legs and back but a light-colored seat.

Make sure to use black as an accent throughout a light-colored room to tie everything together. The contrast between the light and the dark will look sophisticated and chic.

5. Measure Your Tables

Measuring furniture for spaces, especially small ones, seems like a no-brainer. But more often than not, people will add a table as an afterthought.

A common mistake people make is picking a table that’s too small to use or too large for the space. You’ll be sitting at the dining table and bumping into the person, or people, next to you. A dining room table should fit the dining room but still offer plenty of space for people to sit comfortably.

When searching for a dining room table, the average size is around 29 inches tall and 18 inches of legroom. There should also be at least 30 inches between the wall and the table and 25 inches of space for each place setting.

A living room end-table should fit a lamp and some miscellaneous decor, but not take up half of the room. The average size of an end table is 17 inches by 28 inches. Coffee tables should be around 36 inches by 18 inches.

A table that fits your needs and your space will make a space look and feel useful and inviting.

Redecorate with Confidence

Redecorating a room doesn’t need to be a large project. Trying out new furniture designs and rearranging a room can easily transform a space into something more functional and pleasing to the eye. With the right furniture and colors, you can make your home feel warm and welcoming.

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