8 Marvelous Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas that Will Inspire You

Have you noticed that your kitchen is starting to look a bit dated? When it comes to giving your kitchen a fresh new look, it’s all about the cabinets. In fact, they take up 29% of your kitchen renovation.

So which modern kitchen cabinet design will you choose? You need to pick something that will suit you while also fitting the look of your home.

Here are eight creative and inspiring ideas to help you get started planning your dream kitchen.

1. Reach for the Ceiling

One way to give your kitchen a modern look and create more storage space is to make your cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling.

By eliminating the visual space above the cabinets, you create a streamlined feel. It enhances the straight lines and gives your cabinets a built-in look.

Choose a lighter color for these cabinets because they’re a much more visually imposing presence. The lighter shades will keep your kitchen looking bright and will prevent the cabinets from overwhelming the room.

However, darker cabinets will look beautiful, too. But you need to make sure your kitchen is large and bright enough to support this kind of color choice.

2. Pair Marble and Wood

While this is a classic combination, it has experienced a resurgence in the last few years. Pairing these two natural materials together lets texture and color be the focal point of your kitchen.

Think of it as the perfect modern mash-up of rustic and glam. To pull off this look, try using a lighter wood for your cabinets. Then use marble for your countertops.

3. Create a Whiteout

White will always be a popular choice for kitchens. Despite it being an age-old trend, it still retains that fresh and modern feel.

It’s simple to go all white in your kitchen; just make everything white! The counters, the cabinets, your backsplash — everything should be white.

For a cohesive look, try to make everything the same shade of white. This will make everything blend together the way this styling technique intends.

To add a bit of visual interest, you can use metal-toned hardware on your cabinets. This will visually break up space enough to add some interest without taking away from the white effect.

You can also do this with your appliances. Since white appliances tend to be out of favor right now, opt for stainless steel instead.

4. Get Back to Black

When used correctly, black can create a sleek and modern interior design aesthetic. The trick is to use it in moderation and pair it with lighter tones.

This will prevent your kitchen from looking like a dark cave or black hole. Try pairing black cabinets with a white countertop.

To keep things looking streamlined, use matching black hardware on your cabinets. This will cause them to blend in visually.

5. Embrace the Two Tone

Don’t limit yourself to cabinets that are all one color. You can create a unique look by choosing two colors.

For the first color, you’re going to use it on your bottom cabinets. This color should be darker and more vibrant. Good examples would be a rich green or deep blue; you could even choose black.

Then your second color will be a lighter shade for your upper cabinets. Most people choose white since it will pair nicely and keep your kitchen from becoming too colorful.

However, don’t be afraid to pair your navy blue bottom cabinets with a pale blue for the uppers.

To pull this look off successfully, you should choose two colors that pair well together. You should also keep the darker color on the bottom half of your kitchen and the lighter color on the top half.

This will keep your kitchen from looking dark and closed in.

6. Take the Doors off

Open cabinetry is a modern trend that almost anyone can do, but few do well. You need to balance the look of an open kitchen with practicality. After all, a couple of shelves are lovely, but not enough to store everything in your kitchen.

Instead, create an open cabinet system that consists of multiple cubbies. This will give you the look of open cabinets with the shelving space you need.

7. Mix up Your Styles

Do you look at modern kitchens and find yourself falling in love with several different decor styles? Don’t be afraid to mix and match different aesthetics to create a unique look that exemplifies your personality.

Take a more traditional cabinet door style, like beadboard or shaker, and bring it into modern times with some brass or gold hardware. Skip the knobs and instead opt for long sleek handles.

This will continue the streamlined look through the kitchen.

8. Embrace the Lacquer

There’s nothing more modern than the sleek look of lacquer. That super shiny and often colorful surface gives your kitchen an almost space-age feel. These cabinets look best with a smooth flat surface; you might hear them referred to as slab doors.

You could choose glossy white cabinets, but this might come off a bit sterile or industrial. Instead, make a bold statement with your glossy cabinets. Choose a vibrant red, yellow, or even orange.

Then you can pair your lacquered cabinets with a kitchen table. This will make the perfect accent and tie your entire kitchen together.

Try These Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Are you tired of looking at your old kitchen and ready to bring it into modern times? Then these ideas should inspire you to create modern kitchen cabinets.

Think about your personal style and the aesthetic of your entire home. You’ll want your new kitchen to blend with both.

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